Episode 5: Focus on finishingListen now (10 min) | Reflecting, journaling, and expertise
Communication Purpose #2: Meaningful information for a meaningful outcome
Episode 4: Where did my customers go?Listen now (15 min) | Remote work began prior to the pandemic, but it became more prevalent after March of 2020. With remote work the challenge of…
Communication purpose #2 of 5: The reason for communicating
Communication Purpose #1 of 4: An introduction to your communication purpose
Ep 3: Travel, Bad Advice, and Better AdviceListen now (13 min) | Why travel is great for communication and better advice to replace bad advice. Questions? podcast@communicationoutcome.com
Ep 2: Decision-makingListen now (11 min) | Decision-making is the foundation of all activities, including communication. For many people getting started on a communication…
Bonus: Success Factors - OpportunityListen now (4 min) | Communication not only includes different methods, but also how it relates to outcomes and how opportunity ties this all together.
Bonus: Success Factors - AdvantageListen now (4 min) | In this bonus cast, we cover why people learn and the advantage enjoyed by lifelong learners.
Ep 1: Communication, You, and OutcomesListen now (9 min) | In this episode, we'll touch on two critical components of communication. You and outcomes. By focusing on these two factors is how…